The Farm

The Azienda composed of 35 hectares, is located in Torgiano, on territory anciently inhabited by the Etruscans. One part is located near the confluence of the Chiascio River with the Tiber, and the other part is in the hills at an altitude between 200 and 400 meters above sea level.
The lands, initially owned by the Lungarotti Family, were passed on to the son of Maria Lungarotti in the 1970's; Mario Cascianelli, a lawyer with a great passion for the countryside. It was he who noted that these lands had a marked value for fruit cultivation, among which, vineyards, olive and cherry groves.

The Fattoria Mani di Luna was born in 2012. The company is composed of three friends (Simone, Rocco and Alessandro), with the common intent of reviving the Azienda organically and with Biodynamic methods. The Farm follows the lunar cycles linked to the movement of the Constellations. Through manual and artisanal processes, the Azienda seeks to obtain natural products of high nutritional and energetic value respecting both plants and environment.