il Baratto Vineyard

The vineyard is extended on the foot of the Martani Hills in several terracing from 250 to 350 m above the sea level. The dry and windy climate is suitable for the cultivation of white vines such as Grechetto Trebbiano and Malvasia.
The soil, rich in sands with fine particles of gypsum, quartz and other minerals, gives the grapes particular finesse and minerality characteristics. The age of the vines and the exposure to the south-west of the downhills, produce a sugary grape although maintaining a high acidity that keeps the white wines balanced.

  • Varieties: Grechetto, Trebbiano and Malvasie
  • Year of Establishment: 1975
  • Density: 2000 piante/ha
  • Trelling system type: Espalier
  • Surface: 3 ha