The earth is a living organism with its own soul.Biodynamics for us, is a starting point, for grasping the interactions of energy present in nature, between micro and macrocosm in order follow it. The science of the 21st century, in fact, tends to simplify the extreme complexity of the natural processes, distancing man from his intuitive capacities and his capacity of observing the forces present in nature. Some scientists, such as Nicola Tesla, and thinkers, like Rudolf Steiner, have completely understood the issues of modern science; and during their lives they gave us precious gifts, such as alternating current, magnetic induction, radio waves, free energy from the ether (still not understood), biodynamic preparations, educational methods, etc. ...thanks to their attentive observations of Nature and their intuitive processes, typical of artists.

Life on earth is the result of an incredible system of information, where each planet, each constellation, expresses itself through waves, each one carrying information.

Each plant is an energetic system for listening or receiving that takes what it needs in order to express its specificity. (Nicolas Joly)

Even the thoughts of man or men form living forces, and that is also a green thumb, nothing other than an exchange of energy. These forces are everywhere around us, but we must recognize and learn how to make use of them without deviation. In a certain way bio dynamics creates a link with this same matrices of force (Nicolas Joly) through the use of preparations, herbal teas, macerates and other biodynamic practices. In practical terms the biodynamic preparations permit the vineyard to express itself better, bringing to a material plane the forces that permit the soil to live and the plant to photosynthesize. Photosynthesis is basically the transformation of an intangible world into a tangible world, light and heat become material, wood, grapes.

Biodynamics is the beginning of a renaissance that permits the understanding that agriculture is an art. The art of knowing how to bind with those specific forces that are suitable to a specific plant implies recovering a complex knowledge of the macrocosm. (Nicolas Joly)

Finally the possibility of abstaining from using practically any oenological techniques in the cellar came from the vine's capacity or ability to link to these creative energies, or to this cosmic information. A grape that has been "well raised" can be exempt from any artifice in the cellar because it has in it all the information for behaving in the best possible manner, or for unifying all the characteristics of the year. Our agricultural interventions are affirmed in it a link to globality, to the creator harmony, to what Kepler called the music of the spheres.

We then have a wine that is a place, an originality, a work of art and which will, de facto, be liked. (Nicolas Joly)

In these affirmations we identify with the ideas of agriculture of Nicolas Joly, also searching to use daily the living energy of love in the fields, in the cellar and with people.